Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ah, the GOOD Ol' Days...

of "Spice Girl" shoes! haha.

Found these in my closet when clearing stuff out. I actually wore these in 5th grade! I absolutely loved the Spice Girls, and I was pretty cool for having these back then. haha. So, of course I tried them on and they still fit! What good times! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Visit from a Boisean!

My husband's friend, Phil, came up from Boise to spend a weekend with us. We had a great time. On Friday Garrett, Phil, and a guy from our church went to a Christian "hard core" concert... they said it was amazing! I prefered to stay home from that. haha.
Then on Saturday we took Phil to the Saturday Market here in Portland. They have a bunch of unique stands as you can see in the pictures. This was creative utensil art!

Then that night we went to a Jazz resturaunt/club. The music was amazing and the food was very tasty and fancy! We had a table right up front and center! We were all in awe of how awesome it was!
Then on Sunday we went to see the new documentary by Ben Stein, "Expelled." It was really good.
Then Phil attended a couple of our classes at Multnomah. Then it was time to say goodbye. So, we had a really fun and easy going weekend with a friend from back home. Oh, home. I miss it. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Things for Spring

I am so excited for my new center piece for my dining room table! It just brightens up the entire room and makes me so much more ready for Spring! It is a little glass pitcher that my mom and I found @ IKEA for only like $2.50 (thanks for getting it for me, mom). Then I just bought some fake flowers at Walmart for only $3.00...the funny thing is that the bouquet wasn't originally all yellow and orange, but I decided to custom make my own...I mean I am paying for it, so I only want to buy the colors that I want! haha. Anyways, it turned out great:

Here is Garrett with his new yo-yo that he got while we were at the coast. He used to be really good at it, so he tells me, so he is starting yo-yoing again. Look at that smile on his face, the yo-yo makes him so happy!

Well, have a happy start to Spring!