Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things Going On...

Garrett and I have a new, little edition to our family. His name is Jack and he is so sweet and cuddly and playful. He brings so much joy to us...

We also celebrated my little brother's 11th birthday! We had a good time going swimming in a private hot springs in Horse Shoe Bend. Then we went to grandma's house for dinner, cake, and ice cream. I think Trent had a great birthday.

After that, I spent a week in McCall being a counselor at our church's high school camp. It was an amazing time full of God's spirit moving. It was much too powerful and moving to be able to describe on just one blog post. :)

Now Garrett and I are trying to find jobs and a place to live once his parents get back from their vacation (we are house sitting for them right now.) Which is a little difficult since I have been very sick since I got back from camp...that is what you get when you don't sleep for 5 days and hang around teenagers nonstop! haha.
Things are going good and can't wait to update you once we are moved into our own place and have jobs!! :) 'Till then...

Friday, July 11, 2008


We are home, we are home, we are home! In Boise, that is. Garrett and I have had so many changes happening the last 3 weeks. All of the plans we had changed.
As much as we have loved Multnomah (now) University, we both felt like we weren't supposed to go back. These feelings started about the same time for both of us...3 weeks ago. And after praying and thinking we felt led in a totally new direction! So, with in the last 3 weeks we have:
*Dis-enrolled from Multnomah *Quit our jobs in Oregon *Called Married Housing on campus and told them we wouldn't be moving in in August *Garrett decided to go into interior design and applied to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online *Garrett was accepted, enrolled, signed up for classes that start July 14th, and applied for and got financial aid *we packed up our stuff *arranged for a stressful trip of my mom bringing a truck up to us so that we could save money and pull a UHaul trailer instead of driving a UHaul truck *Changed our address *arranged for some jobs in Boise *arranged to stay at the Sanchez casa while they are away *and then did the actual move here back to Boise!
Oh my goodnes, it has been a hectic 3 weeks, but exciting. We feel like we are following God's leading in our life and are excited to see what God will do! So, for all of you in Boise we will see you soon! :)