Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 yEaR oLd!!

My baby girl is officially a one year old. I can't believe it. It has gone by quickly, but at the same time it feels like she has been apart of me forever. She adds so much life to our family!
It has been such a blessing to watch her grow and develop this past year. She is already so independent and WANTS to be. :)
She is so close to walking on her own and does all the time with the help of her walker toy. She loves to  feed herself and generally just loves food! Her favorites right now are chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers :).
I have never met a baby with so much personality or one that is so stubborn! She definitely knows what she wants and goes after it- that means she also knows what she DOESN'T like and gets mad if you try to make her do it, eat it, or wear it!
She loves to laugh and to make other people laugh. I call her a "little ham" because she loves to be the center of attention. One thing hasn't changed since the day she was born...she is always making noise! I know that once she gets a grasp on words she will be a little chatterbox talking mommy's ear off. Hehe. :)
I just can't say enough about my little angel: From her gorgeous curly hair and big blue eyes to her lively personality to her love of baths and of opening the refrigerator to her cuddles and her loud squeals she is special, unique, one in a million.
I love you Avery Renee, Happy 1st Birthday!

(Had to put one of my amazing boy in there too! He is an awesome big brother!)