Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Coast

*First off I want to say make sure you scroll down to see the pics from the coast and two more new blogs I wrote about the past two weeks here in Portland! :)

Garrett and I met my grandparents from CO and my dad and family in Newport this week. They came to Portland on Sunday night and headed to the coast on Mon. Garrett and me didn't go over until Tuesday due to our anniversary. I hadn't seen my grandparents since the wedding and I really didn't get to see them then either. So, it was great to see them! My dad rented a house that was right on the coast and we all stayed in that. We had a great time going to the beach, the aquarium, shopping, out to eat, playing games, and to a lighthouse! My favorite thing we did, though, was go whale watching. We went out on a boat pretty far out into the ocean to try and see a whale. We didn't end up seeing one, but Garrett and my dad saw three dolphins! I didn't see anything because I was too busy having fun! haha. The boat went so fast and the waves out that far in the ocean are really big! So, the boat was rocking and dipping all over the place. Garrett and me went to the front part of the boat, stood up, and held on to the railing...let's just say we got soaking wet! I could taste salt all over my lips and in my hair. The waves were just so big and would splash us from where we were standing. My grandma, unfortunatley, didn't have such a good time. She was yelling and yelping for her life! She thought we were going to die she said and while we were on the boat she asked me, "Angela, are you praying?!" I said, "no." And she goes, "well, you better start!" haha. Poor grandma. Anyways, we had a great time with my family and I can't wait to do it again!

The Coast Pics

Happy One Year Anniversary!

That is right, Garrett and I celebrated our one year married together on Monday the 20th. First of all, let me just say that I am incredibly blessed to have Garrett as a husband. He is a loving, kind, passionate, hilarious, godly, and talented man. He makes me feel so loved...and yes sometimes I get annoyed of him and we argue, but behind it all is real love. Thank you, Garrett, for being you and for loving me the way you do!
Anyways, about the day. We had planned on going to the zoo for our anniversary and I was so excited the night before. So, I wake up on our anniversary morning and it is raining! Let me just say that it hadn't rained once since we had been in Portland and this just had to be the day it decides to. Besides that, I had an excellent morning. When I woke up I saw that Garrett was already up, so I was walking to the bathroom and passed the office/music room :) and saw him in there. He said he had made breakfast for me...waffles. So, I go into the bathroom and I hear the toaster oven, I come out and he had put some frozen Eggo waffles into the toaster oven. I kind of laughed to myself that that was what he meant by he made me breakfast, but it was sweet and I was very grateful. After we got all ready we went downtown for lunch at a pizza by the slice place. The rain and lightened up a little by then so we decided that we could still go to the zoo. I was so happy! So, we went to the zoo and had a great time together. It wasn't very crowded since it was a Monday afternoon and it was a little rainy. It was nice. After that I made a sort of romantic dinner by candle light at home. It was quite good if I do say so myself. :) Then we rented Music and Lyrics. It was actually pretty good! I didn't think I would like it by what I saw in the previews, but it was a light hearted and funny movie. Oh, yes we also had the top of our wedding cake that we froze for the year. We were so scared to eat it! We fed the first bite to eachother, like we did when we had it the first time. It actually tasted like real cake and not like it had been frozen for a year! haha. Anyways, it was a really great day and I am looking forward to another amazing year with my sweet hubby!

Hello Portland, Goodbye Family

As most of you know Garrett and I made our big move to Portland for school on the 13th of August. We are pretty much all settled in now...there are just a few more pictures to hang. :) We are now just waiting for school to starts monday the 27th. I want to update you on the past two weeks. I am going to break it up ino 3 posts; this one, one year anniversary, and the coast. So, here we go.

Monday (13th) Garrett and I met my mom and family at our apartment and headed off at 8:00 AM for Portland. It seemed like a really long drive, even though it was only 7 hours. Poor Garrett had to drive a huge 24- foot truck, because the truck company was out of the 10 and 16 foot. We got it for the price of a 10 foot, though. Anyways, he had a heck of a time driving it! We got here safely, though. Eliseo, Dionna, and the girls met us at our new apartment to help us unload and unpack somethings...which was so helpful! Thank you you guys! And girls you did a great job helping me with kitchen! :) Anyways, it was hard saying goodbye, but at least we know it really isn't goodbye. We will be home soon! My mom and brothers stayed in Portland for a few days and had their own little vacation. I was glad to have my mom there for a few days to help me sort of ease into things. I still wasn't ready to say goodbye, but like I said it isn't really goodbye. Things went smoothly and now we are trying to figure out the city of Portland and settle into our new lives here.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Little Break from it All...

This last Friday I worked until 5 PM and Garrett worked until 6 PM. I was planning on making dinner and picking up the house a bit when I got home...that didn't exactly end up happening. I was so exhausted when I got home I just wanted to rest a little bit, so I plopped down on the couch and started to watch one of my fave shows, Fraiser. Before I knew it Everybody loves Raymond came on and I stayed on the couch. I hadn't gotten anything done when Garrett walked in the door. The first thing I said was, "I'm really sorry, but I haven't started dinner yet." He just said, "That's ok because we are going out." He then informed me that he wanted to take me on a date and that we need to take a little time to focus on eachother during this busy time.... You have to understand that Garrett doesn't usually just come home from work and tell me that we need to spend time focusing on eachother! Don't get me wrong he is very romantic and we spend lots of quality time together, but usually it is me who initiates it. I was very happily surprised. So, we got ready and headed out. Our home team had given us an American Express gift card the night before since it was our last home team. :( So we used a little bit of that money for our little date. We went to Arby's for dinner and got the 5 for $5.95 deal. It was very yummy. :) Then we went to Office Depot to get some of our school supplies. This part was fun for me, but Garrett probably could have passed on the shopping. Then we went to Kathryn Albertson's park and took some pictures before the movie started @ 9:20 PM. We went and saw Hairspray...all I can say is I loved it! We were both busting up laughing! It was just so lighthearted and had a good message...we left feeling encouraged. That is rare now-a-days with movies. Plus, I love is a secret dream of mine to be in one...I guess it isn't a secret anymore, though. :) Anyways, we just had a really good night together. It was something both of us really needed during this hectic time in our life.
This last week and this next week are weighing me down! There is so much to do before we leave that I can't think straight. I think this calls for one of my famous To-do lists.
Just to inform everyone, Garrett and I leave Monday August 13th for Portland, OR! It is coming up quickly...our lives are about to change...big time!

Anyways, here are some of the pics we took at the park on our date: