Friday, October 26, 2007

Coolest or Weirdest Boy Ever?? :)

Did you know that I am married to the coolest boy ever? Well, I am. It says so right on his shirt!
I came home from work the other day and Garrett was dressed in this "coolest boy ever" shirt, rolled up black sweat pants, red converse on, and that orange head band wrap around his head! I just started cracking up....he is so weird sometimes! But that is one of the things that I love about him.
We had to go somewhere when I got home and I dared him to where that outfit out, he was pretty close to actually walking out the front door, but his senses got the best of him.
What a funny boy. I just wanted to share with everyone how crazy and funny my hubby is. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some More Family Time

This is my wonderful family-in-law that was able to come to Portland for a day this weekend. It was a great surprise when we got a call this last week that Eliseo had boughten a car that was here in Portland and they would be picking it up this weekend. They arrived friday at 3:00. I had just gotten off work. We all hung around Garrett's and my apartment until Garrett had to go to work at 6:00. Then my in-laws "kidnapped" me, as Dionna puts it, for the night. We went to Garrett's Aunt Brandi's, where the car was and where they would be spending the night. We had dinner, talked, and tried to play a game that we couldn't figure out. I didn't get home until 11:00!
This morning Garrett and I both went to Aunt Brandi's again to have lunch and to say goodbye to the family. Even though it was a short visit, I am so glad that we were able to see them!

Monday, October 15, 2007

And this is Supposed to be Convenient?

I always get my photos printed from Wal Mart. The quality is the best that I have found. The one hour photo is also nice and is always what I do...I just can't wait to see my pictures! I haven't printed any photos since I have been in Portland and I thought that it was about time to get caught up and print some. Also, I am alone until 9:30 tonight and thought it would be nice to scrapbook while Garrett is at work. So, I went online and gathered all my photos that I wanted printed and placed the order for one hour. I prepaid and chose the store that I would pick them up at. It is a Wal Mart that is pretty trashy to say the least... there is one farther down that is nice, but I didn't want to have to drive that much further. Well, I should have stuck with the nice Wal Mart. The convenience of the one hour photo and ordering online were totally thrown out the window. Get ready because here comes some venting...
So, the computer said my prints would be ready by 5:20 PM. I didn't leave my house until 6:00 just to be safe. When I got outside it was pretty windy and rainy, I wasn't looking forward to driving 10 minutes in this weather. But, I finally made it to the store. I get out and find the photo center. I am standing in line when an international man who pretends not to speak english cuts right in front of me! I couldn't believe it! It was a very very obvious cut and it was very obvious that i was in line. Him and his wife just continued talking in a langauge different than english. This shocked me and ticked me off, but of course I didn't say anthing. Here is a grown man and his wife that did this and I am already uncomfortable here...I am the only white person for mile. Not to be rude, but I am being honest. So, anyways in addition the photo associate is clueless and is freaking out, because his coworkers are no where to be seen and he doesn't know what to do in order to help the cutter in front of me. After 10 minutes of waiting I get asked what i need help with. I say I ordered prints online for the one hour photo and need to pick them up. In response I am told that their one hour printing machine is broken and they do not have my prints, and that I need to come back tomorrow. I am informed that they will pay me back the difference of the one hour charge. So, I left the Wal Mart with no pictures in hand, just a very very angry spirit. And, I am still trying to calm down... never will I go to the trashy Wal Mart again...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time with Family

My mom and brothers were able to come over to Portland for a few days this weekend. They arrived Thursday evening and left this morning (Sunday). We had a great time while they were here. We went to the beautiful Japanese gardens, an awesome pumpkin patch and corn maze, went shopping, went golfing, and watched The Office. It was hard to see them go, but we had a wonderful weekend together. Here are some pics of the weekend.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Garrett's Interview Results

Sorry it took me so long to post again since the last one! In answer to the last post, yes, Garrett did get the job. However, he turned it down due to some wisdom from his father and a lot of thought and discussion between us. It just wouldn't have been stable enough for us. But, the good news is that we found out today that Garrett got a job at Quizno's! So, we are very happy about that and excited! It will be a good job for him, I think. They are really flexible to his school schedule and even asked him what days he would prefer to work and when he told the manager he said ok, and is going to try and make sure he gets those days each week. They seem very nice.
Garrett also feels good about it, because the manager told him that he has a lot of confidence in Garrett and thinks that he won't need much training. So, that made Garrett feel really good. I am gald that he can be encouraged by his I hope that lasts. I think that he might continure to look around for a better paying job, but for now he is glad to have this one! We are just so thankful that he finally got a job! The tough thing was getting an interview. Once he had an interview they both wanted to hire him. I told him that once they meet him they are so impressed that they want him right away! It is hard to tell the character of a person just by an application.
Anyways, just wanted to follow up on my last post. I am so thankful that God gave Garrett this job!
My job is going really well. I like the people I work with a lot. My boss is great. She is 40 and is so much fun to talk to. Anyways, I am very blessed for this job as well.
I think that is about it for now. Just studying hard, working, sleeping, and getting ready for my mid semester break coming up!
...sorry I will not be back home to Boise. Garrett and I both have work and homework. :)
But I miss you all and love you! Good night. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Garrett got an interview today! He has applied to a zillion places and hasn't even heard back from a place! He actually applied for this job online last night and got a call this morning and then an interview this afternoon! I am waiting in the school library for him.
I got off work at 3...right when his interview was. It was raining today so he couldn't take the scooter, so he has the car. I have been waiting in the library for 1 hour and 17 minutes now! So, I hope the interview is going well.
I will let you know what happens when I get word. I am just praying very hard right now that he will get it!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Prayers Answered!

Well, this icon pretty much says it all. Garrett and I are still hanging on through a very hard financial time. We are barely hanging on, though. Garrett still does not have a job and we are taking in hardly any income. Yet, we have more bills coming in than ever...still from the old apartment and the move etc. Anyways, we had several bills due today that we couldn't pay. I had no idea what we were going to. So I did all that I knew how to do and I came to the Lord. I have been praying about this for days now just begging God to provide and that I would trust Him in it all.
Well, today-the day that the bills were due- I walked to our mail box and there was a letter from the management company of our last apartment. I opened it up and it was a check for $550!! I could not believe it! I was not even expecting this check! I just started laughing and then I just covered my face and almost started crying.
God is just SO good...
I am full with a heart of praise to God and I am still so overwhelmed. I couldn't help but share this with you all.
Thank you Lord!! I praise You!