Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On My Mind...

1. Leaving tonight for my best friend's wedding on Friday! We can't leave until after Garrett gets off work at 7, and therefore won't get into Boise until 1:30 or 2AM! Tomorrow is so busy with rehersal, rehersal dinner, and the bachlorette party. And Friday is the day! So excited for Trent and Jess to be married! :)

2. I am worried about tripping at some point during the wedding due to the fact that these are the highest heels I have ever worn...but are very very cute!

3. Still need to pack for Garrett and myself...not looking forward to that part.

4. It is so windy and chilly here today, but I love it. I got to wear my scarf and boots for the first time since winter, and I love it!

5. Bought some new fall hand soaps at Bath and Body Works and love them. My hands smell delicious!

6. Am so anxious for my doctor's appointment on Monday...hope the baby is strong and healthy!

7. Wishing my in-laws a safe trip to DisneyWorld today...I wish I could have gone with them! :)

8. Garrett and I will be making another trip to Boise in two weeks for Phil and Emily's wedding.

9. Am hoping that Garrett and I will be able to attend the Fall Harvest Party in Washington next week. I love Fall so much. Can't wait to pick our own pumpkins!

10. I am hungry and had better go get something to eat and start packing!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Basic Ramble

Things have been a little bit difficult lately. I am trying to get used to this new way of life: being sick constantly! My morning sickness has really taken me out. I honestly didn't expect this. Not to complain or anything. :)
Poor Garrett has had to make a lot of his own meals. I can't stand to be around most foods and the kitchen is a place I have been avoiding.
I feel overtaken by the pregnancy right now, even though I am not even showing yet! I just don't feel like myself. I haven't been getting out as much, I am more moody than ever, and I hardly have any energy. I am behind on cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping! Oh my...I can't wait for the second trimester...I heard it is the best one! :)
I am in my 9th week and my first appointment is in one week! I can't wait.
Garett and I will be coming to Boise twice this month for weddings. First, we have Jessica and Trent's wedding this week. I am honored to be the maid of honor and have been planning a fun bachlorette party the night before the wedding and have been pondering what I will say for my toast. Two weeks after that we have Phil and Emily's wedding.
It will be a fun time celebrating with friends. Such an exciting time for them. I think everyone has such fond memories of their wedding least I hope so! :)
Anyways, I just felt like writing a little bit of my feelings down. Sorry it was so ramble-like. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Positively Yes!

Garrett and I are having a baby! I can't believe it! But this test and the doctor's test prove it! haha. The morning sickness that kicked in almost 2 weeks ago proves it too. :)
Here are some answers to your many many questions:):
1. Was it planned?
No, we weren't planning on having kids until Garrett was done or almost done with college. We believe that it was God's perfect timing, though, and are very grateful.
2. How far along are you?
Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks along. I was going to wait until I was closer to the second trimester to start telling people, but couldn't hold it in any longer!
3. When are you due?
I haven't had an official doctor given due date yet, but it should be around April 30th or May 1st.
4. Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?
Yes, I can not wait that long to start buying pink or blue clothes! :) I am not very patient with these things.
5. How have you been feeling? (why thank you for asking:) )
Morning sickness kicked in 2 weeks ago and is going on strong. I feel sick almost all day long and can't keep a lot of food down. The joy of pregnancy I guess. :)
6. What are your plans?
We aren't sure how everything will work out, but we are trusting that God will provide. Garrett is going to continue to go to school and work the job he has now. I am still looking for a job and am praying that I will have a way to earn money and stay with my baby. We will see how everything works out. :)
But, we are so excited and can't wait to be first time parents! We have been married for 3 years and feel that we are strong enough as a married couple to raise a child that will have a loving and godly home. We could use prayer as we embark on this very new journey! :)