Monday, June 25, 2012

Us Girls :)

 I have always wanted to be a mom. For as long as I can remember. I just knew that I wanted to have kids and take care of them. I, also, always knew that I wanted a boy and a girl...but especially a girl.
I know you are supposed to say that it doesn't matter to you as long as the baby is healthy, and that is true in a sense, but both times I was pregnant I was hoping for a girl.
When I found out that my first was a boy I was a little disappointed, but quickly fell in love with the idea of mommy's little boy...and boy was I right! I absolutely love my little man more than anything and love how he is ALL boy! :)
Since I already had a boy I REALLY was hoping that my second would be a girl and she was...
I think the reason that I so badly wanted a girl was because I am a girl. We can connect in a way that my son and I won't be able to. I want to teach her lessons I have learned from experiences that only girls experience, I want to take her shopping, watch chick flicks together, and I want to sit and listen to her talk on and on about whatever is on her mind...I just hope that I can be a mom that is an example to my daughter and someday her friend.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


More summer fun! We went to the zoo yesterday and had a great time! Caden loved all the animals, especially the meerkats. Today looks like a beautiful day as well and we plan to enjoy every moment of it! :)
Today  also marks Avery's 5 month birthday! :) It has been a blessed and crazy 5 months!
Here are some pictures from the zoo yesterday and Avery at 5 months old.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Let Summer Begin!

We had a great start to our summer this last weekend. Caden had his first soccer class, which unfortunately we didn't get any photos of because only Garrett went and there is a lot of parent participation, so he was busy too! Garrett did report back to me, though, that Caden did really good for his first time. He tried to listen to the coach and follow instruction. :) He learned the "soccer stance" where you put your foot up on the ball and roll it forward and backward and then side to side. He showed me this when he got home and is still practicing it. :) Garrett also said that at the very end he made a good goal. I am excited for him to continue this each Saturday for the majority of the summer. 
While Caden and Garrett were at soccer class, Avery and I went to a neighborhood garage sale. We didn't find anything, but we had fun walking around and being out in the nice weather. 
Later that day, after naps of course, we went to the Greek Food Festival that was going on. The kids loved people watching, Caden liked dancing to the live music, and Garrett and I enjoyed the tasty food. 
Sunday was also a great day as a family. After church we picked up lunch and then played out back for awhile with the hose. Avery watched us from her bouncy seat and Caden got soaked! He loves water! We ended the weekend by eating homemade chocolate cookies. It was a really great weekend and a perfect start to summer. I hope we have a lot more days like that in the months to come. :)