Thursday, June 25, 2009

A RaMbLe HERE a rAmBlE there

After a month of applying I finally had my first interview today! I have never applied to so many places without getting an interview! I felt so thankful that someone had finally called me back.
I was pretty nervous beforehand, but I think it went pretty well. He still had more interviews to go through, so he couldn't tell me if I was going to be hired or not. I will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday when he is finished interviewing.
All I can do now it wait...I did the best I could.
I REALLY want this job, though. I NEED this job!
But, I know that God will provide and now I just have to be patient and keep applying other places in the mean time. I still could use prayer concerning this. Thanks for all the prayers so far. I feel so lucky to have so much support behind me. :)

It has been so much colder up here in Moscow. The last few days have been rainy and windy. I actually wore my winter coat to church on Sunday! Crazy.
Last night was a little bit warmer, so Garrett and I took a bike ride. It was really nice.

Has anyone been watching the Bachlorette? She is really starting to frustrate me! Why does she continue to keep Wes around? I can't stand him. I thought Jake would make it to the top 3, but for some reason she eliminated him last week! Why can't she give any of these guys reasons for why she is eliminating them? Oh well.

That is about all of my rambling for now.
I better go make some cookies before I pick up Garrett from work. So, snickerdoodles here I come!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Central!

Well, I finally have my battery charged and pictures loaded on the computer! Yay! So this post will mainly be photos that I haven't been able to post for a month.
Our Apartment:

*Yes, the kitchen and bathroom have pink counters! Nice, huh. haha. I don't have a good pick of the office because it is our last priority right now and itsn't put together yet.*

Spokane & Silverwood Theme Park:

*That is the Spokane River in the picture. We are stading in front of the "CorkScrew." A roller coaster at Silverwood theme park that is located right outside of Couer d alene.*

Snake River Picnic:

*This park of the Snake River feels more like a lake. It is more calm and people can fish and swim. There is a big picnic area right by the river and we had a great picnic dinner there one warm evening.*
Water Tower:

*Here is Garrett in front of the U of I water tower. We say that we are Vandals now, but will always have Boise State in our hearts. :)*
This is about it for now! I hope this enough catching up for at least awhile. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life in Moscow...

Well, I still haven't found my camera battery charger and my battery is too low to upload the photos onto my computer! I have a ton of photos I want to share... I guess I will have to just buy a new one.
But, until then I will share what we have been up to this last week:

*Got Dish Network. (without cable or dish you don't get any channels up here, not even ABC or NBC!)
*Been riding bikes like crazy. There are a couple great riding paths right next to our place.
*Been applying to jobs like crazy...still no real leads yet.
*Garrett was given a key holder position at work.
*We went to a church in Moscow last Sunday, and yesterday we went to one in Pullman that Lyndsey Vincent reccomended. We loved it and are so excited to get involved there! It is called Real Life Ministries.
*I have been working on June Tree Designs more. I am coming up with a couple new stuffed animals and will be posting some new hair barrettes and necklace pendants soon.
*We went to Spokane. It was beautiful, because the Spokane River runs right threw the town and they have a few walking bridges where we stood above it and looked down...a little bit scary.

That is about it for now. Hopefully next time I blog I will have pictures to share and news of a new job! :)
(which I could use prayer about. :) Thanks!)

Oh yeah, and check out Garrett's new blog