Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Central!

Well, I finally have my battery charged and pictures loaded on the computer! Yay! So this post will mainly be photos that I haven't been able to post for a month.
Our Apartment:

*Yes, the kitchen and bathroom have pink counters! Nice, huh. haha. I don't have a good pick of the office because it is our last priority right now and itsn't put together yet.*

Spokane & Silverwood Theme Park:

*That is the Spokane River in the picture. We are stading in front of the "CorkScrew." A roller coaster at Silverwood theme park that is located right outside of Couer d alene.*

Snake River Picnic:

*This park of the Snake River feels more like a lake. It is more calm and people can fish and swim. There is a big picnic area right by the river and we had a great picnic dinner there one warm evening.*
Water Tower:

*Here is Garrett in front of the U of I water tower. We say that we are Vandals now, but will always have Boise State in our hearts. :)*
This is about it for now! I hope this enough catching up for at least awhile. :)