Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Garrett!

I hope that you have a wonderful day. I love celebrating you and all that God made you to be. You are an amazing husband and I am so blessed to be your wife. I love you! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 22, 2007

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so excited! We have a 4 day weekend from school and believe me, I really need it. The only thing that I am sad about this Thanksgiving break is that I wish I was heading to Boise, ID right now. I really miss my family and wish I was going to be with them for Thanksgiving. But, I know that Christmas break is coming soon, so I will just have to hold on until then. :)
I think that Garrett and I will have a good Thanksgiving break. We are going to his aunt's house for Thanksgiving Day in Salem, the next day is his birthday and we will be doing some after Thanksgiving shopping, we are going to take our pictures for Christmas cards, and I will just be able to relax and get caught up on some things.
I want to take a moment, like so many do for Thanksgiving, and list some things that I am especially thankful for:
*Salvation *God's faithfulness and love *Garrett (such a great husband) *All of my family (they give me so much love and support) *my wonderful friends *An amazing home church in Boise *Living in America *My health *Love
I would love to hear some of the things that you are thankful for and what you are doing for Thanksgiving or how your holiday went! So, leave me a comment about it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cutest Things

Today Garrett and I went to Best Buy to look at SLR cameras...I am crossing my fingers that we will be able to get one this year! But anyways, there is a Babies R Us right next door. I asked Garrett if we could just go in and look, so that I can get some ideas for the future. He agreed and we had such a fun time looking at the baby nursery decor and bedding sets. We picked out the ones that we want when we have a boy and then a girl.

*Don't worry we are not planning on having a baby anytime soon, but I just enjoy thinking about how I will decorate my future babies' nurseries.*

So here is the set we picked out for our girl. It is called Ladybug:

Here is the one we picked out for a boy. It is called Zanzibar:
These are my dream nursery rooms. Anyways, just wanted to share, because i thought that they were too cute to not. And once again, please do not read into this thinking that we are planning on a little Sanchez baby any time soon, because we aren't. Ok, with that said, good night. :)

This and That

Well, it has happened. It is the time in Portland where it likes to rain every day! I don't mind the rain once in awhile, but to be honest I just really don't like it. I am guessing that it is something that I will just have to get used to. I don't have much to say, I just felt like blogging a little bit. Garrett is at work tonight until 10:30 and I have been all alone since 4:00 PM. I had a lot of cleaning to do, and I got all caught up on that. I also had some time to take a nap and watch some T.V. So, now I can just relax.

Things have been really good for Garrett and me here in Portland. Things are looking up for us. We love Multnomah, our jobs, a new church we found, and each other! My job is offering some kind of cool opportunities. I took some photographs for the Dean for a book that he is writing and that will be published. He said that I will definitely get the photo credits in his book and he will send me a copy when it is finished! Cool, huh?! I was really excited about that.

Garrett and me registered for Spring classes on Thursday. I will be taking: Intro to Spiritual Direction, Intro to Philisophical and Christian Thought, New Testament Gospels, Bible Study Methods, General Psychology, and Social Factors in Relationships. I am pretty excited about most of those, especially the psychology one!

Well, that is pretty much all for now. Not much to say, just enjoying life! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today I convinced Garrett to let me do a photoshoot of him. He was hesitant at first, because he doesn't really like "modeling." But after he saw the pictures he was glad that he agreed to it. Here is one of the photos that I took at the park where we did the photoshoot. As you can tell, Garrett is not in this photo. I just wanted to show you how gorgeous it was. Just a beautiful, Fall day in Portland. There are about 13 photos that I got of Garrett that I really like. So, there are too many to post on here. Click here to see the photos that I did of Garrett. You'll want to see! Hope you like them!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

mY, My I bELieVe tHaT I hAvE FoUnD true LOVE

Today in World Christianity Garrett stole my page of notes while I was writing, and I started to feel a little spark of annoyance, when he gave it back to me... He had written a little note on it that said, "I love you." I just looked at him and smiled. It was so sweet. While pondering on this memory of today, I can't help but think of how wonderful Garrett's and my relationship is. Ever since we have moved to Portland it seems as if we have grown closer. Not only that, but it feels like our relationship is new again.
It was such a struggle for me to move here to Portland. But now that we are here, I am happier than ever. I know this is where God wants us to be right now, and because of that we are both blooming.
I am so glad that Garrett and I waited a year to go to college so that we could get used to the married life a little more and try and save some money. But we both knew that we wanted to go to college and it made that year of working full time in a dead end job very difficult. That also put a little bit of a strain on our relationship. But, like I said we both know that this is where God wants us and where we want to be. Because of this, our relationship is also growing and thriving.
There are so many struggles and sacrifices that we are having to make right now, being a young married couple who both go to college full time. But despite all the hardships, we are the happiest that we have been and are more in love than ever.
I just wanted to share a little bit and let you all know that God is blessing Garrett and me. He is definitely showing us His love through each other, and He is providing for us through all the struggles.
Things are so great and life is good, but we could still definitely use your prayers, especially for our financial situation. Thanks in advance. :)
I will end with saying, I am a very blessed girl. God has given me a loving and amazing husband, a supportive family, a godly school, wonderful friends, and an awesome home church in Boise. I really couldn't ask for anything more. Praise God!