Saturday, November 10, 2007

This and That

Well, it has happened. It is the time in Portland where it likes to rain every day! I don't mind the rain once in awhile, but to be honest I just really don't like it. I am guessing that it is something that I will just have to get used to. I don't have much to say, I just felt like blogging a little bit. Garrett is at work tonight until 10:30 and I have been all alone since 4:00 PM. I had a lot of cleaning to do, and I got all caught up on that. I also had some time to take a nap and watch some T.V. So, now I can just relax.

Things have been really good for Garrett and me here in Portland. Things are looking up for us. We love Multnomah, our jobs, a new church we found, and each other! My job is offering some kind of cool opportunities. I took some photographs for the Dean for a book that he is writing and that will be published. He said that I will definitely get the photo credits in his book and he will send me a copy when it is finished! Cool, huh?! I was really excited about that.

Garrett and me registered for Spring classes on Thursday. I will be taking: Intro to Spiritual Direction, Intro to Philisophical and Christian Thought, New Testament Gospels, Bible Study Methods, General Psychology, and Social Factors in Relationships. I am pretty excited about most of those, especially the psychology one!

Well, that is pretty much all for now. Not much to say, just enjoying life! :)