Thursday, April 30, 2009

God is ALWAYS Full of Surprises!

What a week it has been. You can go to sleep at night thinking one thing and by the time you wake up the next morning everything has changed...
This is what has happened to Garrett and I. We have been planning for quite some time now to head up to the University of Idaho for Garrett to start and finish his education in Architecture. We were planning on moving up to Moscow in July, well, God had different plans.
Garrett's job was transfering him to a store they have in Moscow, they told us the position will become available in May and that they will hold it for him. Well, a few mornings ago I woke up to a phone call from Garrett at work saying that they cannot hold it for him that long and to take the position we have to move up there in May! I was shocked...that is 3 weeks away!
Like I said God is full of surprises.
So, Garrett and I are moving up to Moscow officially on May 18th.
God is working everything out. We fully believe that He is putting everything together in such a way that it could only be Him. We are just praising Him!
We are sad to leave Boise and so soon, but are so excited to work towards our future and our goals and can't wait to see what God has in store for us next. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


What a great Easter this year. We had an amazing church service! The place was packed, the music awesome, and the sermon what touching! Perfect.
The weather was simply gorgeous. Garrett and I went to take pictures, but our tripod broke, so we didn't get very many and they didn't turn out very well. Here is one of my brothers:

Then we went to my grandma's house for dinner (even though it was at 1 o'clock) and time with the family. It was so much fun! The dinner was delicious! Ham, asparagus, potato casserole, rolls, deviled eggs, veggies, crackers and dip, and of course candy and pie!
We spent the afternoon talking and hanging out. The cousins then decided to have an Easter egg hunt and everyone...including grandma...joined in!
So much fun!
My grandma still makes Easter baskets for all of us grandkids even though most of us are out of high school. :) In one of our eggs was $10! So, afterwards Garrett and I went shopping to spend our money! haha. We ended up each getting a shirt. They were both on sale...conviniently $10 each!
It was such a great of the best ever. :)
Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and for raising again! We serve a living God! Praise the Lord!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mY LiFe...

I haven't written in awhile... mainly because our internet hasn't been working, so I have been having to go to my mom's house to use her internet.
Some things have changed around here a bit. I am no longer cleaning offices at night. Kind of a relief, but left me jobless for a couple of days.
But, God definitely provided for us by giving me a new job in 2 days! And I only had to apply to 2 places! Amazing.
I start that new job 1 1/2 hours actually. It is a part time job at Tuesday Morning. It is a discount home goods store. I like retail jobs and have experience in this area, so it should be good.
I am afraid part of my paycheck might slip away each month to things I find in the store! haha. They have so much stuff and a bunch of different stuff each week.
I am so nervous right now as I wait for my first day to begin. I can't get my mind on anything else.
I am just praying that it will go well and will go by quickly. :)
If you want feel free to pray for me too. :) hehe.

Besides that things have been good. Garrett is getting more hours at work and we are able to start mowing the church lawn once a week, so God is really providing.

Our small group had a party this last Sunday and it was a really great time. We had people bring their friends, Christian or not, just to get to know eachother and have a good time. We had tacos, sundaes, played poker (not me :) ), and watched "The Office." Hopefully, we will see some of the new faces at our next small group meeting.

That is about it for now. Just preparing everything for U of I, paying off debts (yay!), and enjoying these little snipets of nice weather.

Oh, what a life. :)