Friday, February 20, 2009

What a Surprise!

Garrett came home from a work meeting on Wednesday with news that he was taking me out. So, he made me change into a dress, came back to "officially" pick me up with a dozen roses and the car washed.
It was a nice way to be surprised.
He was going to take me to Tony Roma's which we had a coupon for in our Entertainment Book. I asked if he knew where it was and he said yes. So, we headed out towards Meridian where the coupon said the resturaunt was. After driving around a bit we had to call Garrett's dad to confirm online where exactly the street and address was.
He found it online and said it was next to Winco and The Home Depot (Main and Corporate). So, we drove over and looked and looked. What did we find?? No Tony Roma's! We found the building where we think it was supposed to be, but it was being made into a new resturaunt. We called the number on the coupon, but of course no answer!
What a pain. Instead of getting irritated we tried to be positive and just drove over to the resturaunts near Edwards. Bytheway, Garrett had a worship team tryout that night at was 6:30 at this time so I am starting to get a bit nervous. This is what happens when the guy plans the date spontaneously. haha.
We ended up eating at Johnny Carino's and it was delicious! We had a good time and he made his tryout in time.
I am very grateful for the whole surprise and want to thank Garett for planning it and thinking of me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's, Work, and Hair

I feel like the days have just been flying by lately! I have just been working, doing my daily household chores, and working on new sewing creations, but for some reason I feel so busy!

In this hard economic time I have been blessed by actually recieving more work. I have been give 6 new offices to clean over the weekends, so that is really a help.

Valentine's day has come and gone. Garrett and I celebrated on Wednesday last week because he had to work until 5 on Saturday. We went downtown to watch the Special Olympics, ate lunch at West of Philly, came home and relaxed, then we had fondue at home while we watched a classic romance movie ("An Affair to Remember").
On Saturday we had dinner at my grandma's house, which was nice.

On Sunday Garrett and I decided to get our hair cut. I haven't had a cut since July! So, it was about time. We both felt refreshed and new after our hair cuts.

Here is a picture of my "new" hair. It is just 3 inches shorter, re-layered, and more bangs.

I am really pleased with it, though.

Well, that is about it for now. Not too much, but that is okay with me. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On My Mind

Do you ever get something on your mind and you can't stop thinking about it?
That is what I have going on right now with a few things.
#1- Sewing. I can't stop thinking about it. I keep trying to come up with new things to make, but I have hit a bit of a wall. I am currently working on a mobile for a mobile exchange I signed up for. I need to have it in the mail by Feb.28th.
#2- A new car. This has been consuming my thoughts for the past couple of days. The car I have now I have had since I was 16 and I am ready for a new one. I want a younger looking and bigger vehicle. I have been researching used cars online and am really excited to get a new one! My current car will go back to my mom, who has graciously been paying for it since she gave it to me when I was 16. What a blessing!
The timeline for buying one is looking like it will be in May (once Garrett's Art Institute loan is paid off in April.)
Anyways, my mind is full of sewing and cars. What a combo. haha.

Monday, February 9, 2009

This Weekend

What a busy weekend! Garrett and I had the chance to stay at the Harrington's house Friday and Staturday to watch the kids. I can't believe how much energy little kids have! They are like the energizer bunny. haha.
We had fun playing at the park, playing soccer in the back yard, going on walks, playing board games, and watching a couple movies.
It was kind of fun getting to spend the night in a different place for a few nights. But by Sunday morning I was worn out! It made me realize that I am very lucky to be able to have the freedom to do what I want to in my free time. I think that I should try and treasure this freedom I have right now because once I have baby it is gone! haha.
It was fun, though.
We got back home after church on Sunday and had to unpack, clean the house, and go grocery shopping. Once that was done we put taco stuff together for our small group at 5.
This was our first meeting for the new "semester" and we have DOUBLED in size from last time! Last week our group had 7 people...we now have 16! Wow.
It is always kind of awkward meeting people for the first time. But it turned out well and I think that it will be a really great study and group.
After our small group (that got over at 7) I went to go clean 2 offices. THEN Garrett and I watched a movie with some friends.
I didn't end up going to bed until 1 AM.
After such a busy weekend I am pooped! haha. :)
I am looking forward to today. Just doing a few chores, the laundry, and a little shopping for some gifts. Ah, so relaxing.:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free Time

I feel like I have been consumed with sewing lately. It is funny, because Garrett got a new game for the computer, Sim City, the same day I started sewing. So, it seems like whenever we have free time at home we are doing the same things: him playing Sim City and me sewing.
He is going to go to school for architecture, so he wanted to get Sim City because you get to build cities. He says it is preparing him for school...but I think it is just another video game. haha.

I have some friends to share that I have made the last few days. Enjoy. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Few More Sewing Creations

(The bear is my own design. :) )

Trying New Things.

I have been racking my brain lately trying to figure out different creative things to do and ways to challenge myself. I came up with sewing! I have only sewed one time in my life in 8th grade for a home ec class. I actually made a quillow (a quilt that can fold into a pillow.)
Anyways, that was quite awhilte ago.
So, I took a trip to Barnes and Noble and ending up buying a book to help me sew a few things.
Here is what came out of my first experience hand sewing:

After 2 hours of reading about the different types of stitching and actually trying to do it, I was thrilled to see the results. Of course it is far from perfect, but I was pretty proud for my first time.
I am excited to ask my dad for a sewing machine for my birthday and then see what I could possibly make!
All I have to say is sewing is a blast!