Monday, February 2, 2009

Trying New Things.

I have been racking my brain lately trying to figure out different creative things to do and ways to challenge myself. I came up with sewing! I have only sewed one time in my life in 8th grade for a home ec class. I actually made a quillow (a quilt that can fold into a pillow.)
Anyways, that was quite awhilte ago.
So, I took a trip to Barnes and Noble and ending up buying a book to help me sew a few things.
Here is what came out of my first experience hand sewing:

After 2 hours of reading about the different types of stitching and actually trying to do it, I was thrilled to see the results. Of course it is far from perfect, but I was pretty proud for my first time.
I am excited to ask my dad for a sewing machine for my birthday and then see what I could possibly make!
All I have to say is sewing is a blast!


Dionna said...

Well, if you learn how to sew maybe you can teach Kamica! She needs help and Eliseo and I just aren't that equipped to help her.

Angela said...

Of course I would.
What is she learning how to sew for? A class of for fun?

Dionna said...

She wanted a sewing machine a few years ago - so she has one. She's made a couple of pillows and Ninny got her a sewing book but she needs help and I don't like to sew.

Anonymous said...