Friday, January 30, 2009

To Do

I am stressing about what I need to do within the next few days so here is my way of easing my mind: a to-do list. :)

1. Grocery shop
2. Return movie to Hastings
3. Go to Post Office
4. Work Out
5. Make dinner

1. Put Valentine gifts together for small group
2. Make spinach dip for Super Bowl
3.Work Out
4. Church @ 5
5. Make dinner

1. Small group meeting @ 12:15
2. Clean American General
3. Buy bread for spinach dip
4. Make chicken wings
5. Super Bowl party @ 3:30 till whenever!

Ah, I am feeling myself breath finally. I am a list junkie. I am constantly making lists, but that is okay because they are my biggest helper. ;)