Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such Good Deals!

Every time that I go to Target I always leave with things that I didn't plan on getting. Today I went to just get a few "essentials" and ending up leaving with 2 movies and the cutest measuring cups that I have ever seen! I love their Dollar Spot section. These measuring cups were only $2.50!

Last week I went to get a haridryer and also left with 2 movies. So, the last 2 weeks I have gotten 4 movies from Target! They were all on sale for $10 each. I bought P.S. I Love You, Hairspray, Zoolander, and I Am Legend (for Garrett). I almost got Iron Man and Madagascar today too!
Anyways, the conclusion is that I love Target, but should probably stop going there if I don't want to buy anymore movies! haha. But it is alright if I get more cheap things from the Dollar Spot. :)