Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Little Me

I have been very busy lately working on a couple of things!
#1- I have started another blog! This blog is going to be a blog specifically for women. Talking about things we are interested in...crafts, cooking, well as devotions and conversations about life and issues we face as women. I hope that it will be helpful and that everyone will enjoy it. I am really looking forward to working on it!
I will try and update it every couple of days. The website is

#2- After having quite a break from my Etsy shop things are back up and running! I have updated somethings and am ready for business...well, I hope I have some business! :) Go check it out! @ June Tree Designs
There are some great Valentine things on there, especially for little girls.

I am glad to have these things going in my life. I love being at home with Caden more than anything! But, as most of you mommas know, it gets so tiring and you give so much of yourself that I need to do this for myself. It also helps me to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Caden is getting so big and is starting to move all over. He will be crawling like crazy before I know it! Right now he more scoots and pulls himself forward. He is so entertaining and has the greatest with 2 little teeth on the bottom!
Here is a picture of him a few days ago watching tv with mommy and daddy in his cute!

Monday, January 3, 2011

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

Decorating the tree: Caden was in awe of Daddy putting on the lights.

Christmas Eve: A family photo shoot and our tradition of reading the Polar Express every Christmas Eve. Caden actually liked listening to it!
Christmas Morning: Caden actually opened his presents with little help from us. He had a lot of fun this morning! A photo of all the presents he received from Mommy & Daddy.
Christmas Day: Dressing up as Santa at Grandma and Grandpa Sanchez's house. A 4 generation photo of my Grandma Shirley, my mom, me, and Caden.
I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas this year celebrating the birth of our Saviour!