Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Time!

Did a little Christmas photoshoot with Caden in honor of his very first Christmas. I think they turned out pretty cute. :)

Here are the handmade stockings I did for us

And I have to throw in this adorable picture of Caden and Daddy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Portrait

(taken in October when Caden was 5 months old)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fEsTiVaL of TrEEs

Growing up I have gone to the Festival of Trees every year. It is a tradition for me. So, I have dragged my family into it too. :)
It was so much fun taking Caden this year. He was in awe of all the Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and the brightly decorated trees. And, of course, he loved watching the crowds of people. I am looking forward to the years to come when he will be able to pick out his favorite tree and sit on Santa's lap.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday & Happy Thanksgiving!


This past weekend Garrett's mom and Aunt Lori came for a visit to see Caden and to celebrate Garrett's 23rd birthday early, which was on Tuesday. We had a wonderful time with them and they loved getting to see Caden and how he has changed since we saw them 3 months ago!
On Monday Garrett and I celebrated his birthday since he had to work on Tuesday. I got him a video game that he has been wanting and so he played that for awhile during the day. Then he went shopping with some of his bday money at Barnes & Noble. My mom watched Caden during the evening while Garrett and I went out to eat at the Olive Garden and saw a movie at Edwards. I think he had a great day celebrating!

Thanksgiving was great! It was SO much fun to see Caden experience his first Thanksgiving day meal! He had sweet potato casserole that my Aunt Nan made and then some pumpkin pie! He loved it all! (I didn't give him a taste of anything else, because I didn't want to overwhelm him...he just started solids.)

We went to my grandma's house and most of my family was there. We talked, ate, watched football, and of course went through the black friday ads. I always love just spending time with my family.

(Caden on his 1st Thanksgiving)
Then that night Garrett and I faced the first sales! My mom came over and stayed at our apartment while Caden slept. Toys R Us was first on our list. They opened at 10, but we didn't get there until 11:00pm...still there was a HUGE line wrapped around outside past the pet store! I couldn't believe it. For some reason we joined the line and waited...after 30 minutes of standing in 11 degree temps. and not moving hardly at all we left! Then we headed to Walmart which opened at midnight and we got there right about then. Things were nuts! One of the things we wanted was a few movies that were on sale for $1.96. There was a mob around the movies...I mean I got squished! It was so chaotic, but we were able to get our movies and some other things on our list. We treaded home and were so tired...when I went to look for the movies they weren't there! Garrett had left them at the store! Well, he went back and thank goodness the cashier had saw that they were left and he held them for us! I was amazed! Anyways, we finally got a little sleep and I was back out shopping again at 9 am with my mom. It was much more calm by this time and I was able to get some really good deals and now have all of Caden's birthday presents purchased...5 months early!
All in all I have had a wonderful week with family and I am so thankful to God for all He has blessed me with. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 Months!

Well, my baby boy is officially 6 months old! Last Friday, Nov. 5th, marked the day. I can't believe it has been 1/2 a year since I held him in my arms for the first time. He has changed my life completely. He absolutely takes my breath away.
We celebrated his first Halloween and had so much fun! He dressed up as a billy goat and was totally cute! On Saturday we went to my Grandma Shirley's house for her annual Halloween party, where Garrett and I also dressed up. :)
On Sunday we visited my dad and family and Garrett's dad and family. It was great for them to see Caden for his first Halloween. He even got a couple Halloween treats- some pears and peaches and a baby animal book! Thanks grandmas and grandpas!
He has been eating oatmeal cereal with a spoon and loves it! He gets SO messy, but that is life! :)
I will start introducing veggies and fruits starting tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well.
We had his 6 month check up 2 days ago and he is very healthy and developing right on track. His weight is: 15 lbs. 4 oz - 10th percentile, height: 26.5 inches- 50th percentile, and I don't remember the circum. of his head right at this moment, but it was in the 67th percentile! That just means he is smart, right? hehe.
He also had another set of immunizations, which he did have a little reaction to. He never had before, but this time he also got a flu shot...
He had a low grade fever the last 2 days and has been fussy and sleepy. I pray that he will feel better tomorrow and be "himself" again.
Well, that's all for now!
Here are some pics of our wonderful Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PuMpKiN pAtCh

Caden's first time at the pumpkin patch was so much fun! He LOVED it! He likes watching people and all the different things that are happening. The hayride was one of his favorites and we ended up finding a teeny-tiny pumpkin for him.
I will let the photos tell the story of the day:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel so overloaded right now. There seems to be so much going on lately and I feel like I just need a break! I wish Garrett and I had the means to just get away for a little bit and take a vacation!
Garrett has been working basically everyday since February and it is all catching up with us. If he is not at work he is at church or working on school work. He finishes his first subterm this week and then he will have 1 week break before the next subterm starts. I am SO proud of him and how hard he works! But, Caden and I need quality time with him too.
Praise the Lord that there is a light at the end of this overwhelming tunnel and we will have a bit more breathing room soon. (I will share more about what I mean next time:) ).
Anyways, enough complaining! :) hehe.
Last night Garrett and I were able to have family pictures taken with my dad's family. It was so nice and I think the pictures look awesome! We were also able to get a couple taken of just our little family. Caden looks so adorable in them and I can't wait to order them and share with you all! I think they will be our Christmas card photo. It was a blast getting our photo taken by a professional photographer.
We then went out to eat at Costa Vida and then went to see "Secretariat" at the movie theater. Garrett and I haven't been to the movie theater in a long time!
Well, Caden is officially 5 months old and I wanted to share the new pics I took of him last week- he looked so cute in his little grow up outfit! Here they are:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

YES- we are still here! :)

Haven't blogged much lately. Things have been so busy! We have had multiple birthday parties, Garrett's and my 4th wedding anniversary, a trip to Oregon, 2 BSU game get-togethers, doctor appointments, a trip to the ER, and 2 straight weeks of Caden being sick. All this on top of our regular busy schedule. My, my, my.
I am SO ready for fall and all the holidays. I am excited for Caden to dress up for Halloween, get to eat a bit of his first Thanksgiving dinner, and open his first gifts on Christmas. It will be a fun time for us.
As I speak, Caden is playing in the other room even though he should be napping! I don't know what is up with him today. He usually goes down so easily for his naps...he usually seems ready for a rest. But today he screamed and kicked and acted like I was torturing him! This little episode gave me a quick glimpse into what will most likely be my future during the toddler years. Ugh. I am tired already! haha.
Caden is still getting stronger everyday. I think he will be sitting on his own soon.
He has been "talking" up a storm! It is pretty funny.
Dionna's family is in town today and Caden and I get to see them at Kamica's volleyball game this afternoon. I am looking forward to it...I just hope he has had a nap by then and isn't a little grump! :)
I have already started buying some of Caden's Christmas gifts, which is so much fun! But I have to remember not to get carried away, as he will probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than any of his gifts! haha.
In 5 days Caden will be 5 months old! I can't believe it.
Well, I am going to give his nap another try...wish me luck!
PS- of course some photos to end this post: