Friday, March 23, 2012

2 Months and counting!

Avery is 2 months old today and the time has flown by! Yet at the same time I feel like she has been with me for forever. She is such a precious addition to our family! The first month or so was really chaotic, but {Praise the Lord} things have settled down quite a bit! Avery has started to adjust to life in this world and is a much more peaceful baby than in the beginning. Even though she is still much more "high maintenance" than Caden was at that age. :) Her reflux medicine has really helped her and I can tell that she isn't in pain anymore! She is also starting to sleep much better at night. That has been such a blessing to us, because Caden has never been a good sleeper!
Caden is starting to love on his little sis some. He likes to say "Aw, she's cute." Haha. He makes me laugh.
Avery had her 2 month check up today and she is looking very healthy and normal. She now weighs 9 lbs 15 oz, which is the 27th percentile and she is 21.5 inches long, which is the 15th percentile. So, she isn't very big, but she sure does look chubby! Haha. I keep getting comments about her little rolls and her double chin. Hehe. :)
The last two days have been so nice outside and Caden has basically played in the backyard all day! He loves it! I can't wait for it to get even warmer and for us to get a little kiddie pool for the back. It should be a fun summer!
After today, Garrett is off for a week for spring break! I am so thankful that God provided us with a job where he gets this breaks off! We have a couple of fun things planned. Sunday night we have a couple and their son coming over for dinner, Monday we are hitting the zoo, Tuesday we are taking a day trip with just Caden to the Sand Dunes and Givens Hot Springs, Wednesday Garrett and I are going on a date to eat pizza and listen to live music, and then the rest of the time is just relaxing at home- hopefully. :) It should be a very fun time!
I am just so thankful for the place God has brought me to in my life. I am SO blessed and am enjoying being a mom more than anything! There are definitely rough times and days, but they are quickly forgotten. :)
Here are some pictures from this last week- Enjoy!

Caden would not smile, despite me repeatedly saying 'say cheese.' Avery on the other hand was a very good girl and gave me a big ol smile! Hehe.

Here is Avery at 2 months old.

This is a little scene of when I told Caden to give Avery a kiss. He started out very hesitant and then jumped on her! He is pretty silly.

Here is Caden at the park playing away. :)