Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday & Happy Thanksgiving!


This past weekend Garrett's mom and Aunt Lori came for a visit to see Caden and to celebrate Garrett's 23rd birthday early, which was on Tuesday. We had a wonderful time with them and they loved getting to see Caden and how he has changed since we saw them 3 months ago!
On Monday Garrett and I celebrated his birthday since he had to work on Tuesday. I got him a video game that he has been wanting and so he played that for awhile during the day. Then he went shopping with some of his bday money at Barnes & Noble. My mom watched Caden during the evening while Garrett and I went out to eat at the Olive Garden and saw a movie at Edwards. I think he had a great day celebrating!

Thanksgiving was great! It was SO much fun to see Caden experience his first Thanksgiving day meal! He had sweet potato casserole that my Aunt Nan made and then some pumpkin pie! He loved it all! (I didn't give him a taste of anything else, because I didn't want to overwhelm him...he just started solids.)

We went to my grandma's house and most of my family was there. We talked, ate, watched football, and of course went through the black friday ads. I always love just spending time with my family.

(Caden on his 1st Thanksgiving)
Then that night Garrett and I faced the first sales! My mom came over and stayed at our apartment while Caden slept. Toys R Us was first on our list. They opened at 10, but we didn't get there until 11:00pm...still there was a HUGE line wrapped around outside past the pet store! I couldn't believe it. For some reason we joined the line and waited...after 30 minutes of standing in 11 degree temps. and not moving hardly at all we left! Then we headed to Walmart which opened at midnight and we got there right about then. Things were nuts! One of the things we wanted was a few movies that were on sale for $1.96. There was a mob around the movies...I mean I got squished! It was so chaotic, but we were able to get our movies and some other things on our list. We treaded home and were so tired...when I went to look for the movies they weren't there! Garrett had left them at the store! Well, he went back and thank goodness the cashier had saw that they were left and he held them for us! I was amazed! Anyways, we finally got a little sleep and I was back out shopping again at 9 am with my mom. It was much more calm by this time and I was able to get some really good deals and now have all of Caden's birthday presents purchased...5 months early!
All in all I have had a wonderful week with family and I am so thankful to God for all He has blessed me with. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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