Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel so overloaded right now. There seems to be so much going on lately and I feel like I just need a break! I wish Garrett and I had the means to just get away for a little bit and take a vacation!
Garrett has been working basically everyday since February and it is all catching up with us. If he is not at work he is at church or working on school work. He finishes his first subterm this week and then he will have 1 week break before the next subterm starts. I am SO proud of him and how hard he works! But, Caden and I need quality time with him too.
Praise the Lord that there is a light at the end of this overwhelming tunnel and we will have a bit more breathing room soon. (I will share more about what I mean next time:) ).
Anyways, enough complaining! :) hehe.
Last night Garrett and I were able to have family pictures taken with my dad's family. It was so nice and I think the pictures look awesome! We were also able to get a couple taken of just our little family. Caden looks so adorable in them and I can't wait to order them and share with you all! I think they will be our Christmas card photo. It was a blast getting our photo taken by a professional photographer.
We then went out to eat at Costa Vida and then went to see "Secretariat" at the movie theater. Garrett and I haven't been to the movie theater in a long time!
Well, Caden is officially 5 months old and I wanted to share the new pics I took of him last week- he looked so cute in his little grow up outfit! Here they are:

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