Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Much Family Time

One of the things that I have noticed this year is how basically all of the Holidays are within a few months of eachother. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas, and New Years. Not to mention all of the BSU football games that go on during this time. I mention this because there are so many family get togethers and then after January there is nothing.
Here is our family spending schedule during these months:
*Apprx. 3 football games @ grandma's house
*Halloween: Party @ grandma's house
*Thanksgiving: Trip to Oregon with Garrett's mom and family
*Christmas Eve: Get together with my dad's family
*Christmas Day: Morining and lunch with Garrett's family & dinner @ my grandma's house
*New Year's Eve: Party @ Garrett's family's house
*New Year's Day: Party @ my grandma's house
The next family get together I have to look forward to is SuperBowl, but other than that I will feel deprived from not enough family time!
Anyways, a suggestion from me to whoever is to spread the Holidays out more throughout the entire year.
So, this year on New Year's Day was very special at my grandma's house because all of the cousings were together. We haven't had EVERYONE together for a little over a year now. So, that was very special to grandma and the aunts and uncles.
Here is the last picture of all the cousins and grandma:

(We took new picture on New Year's Day but I don't have a copy of that yet. :) )