Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's, Work, and Hair

I feel like the days have just been flying by lately! I have just been working, doing my daily household chores, and working on new sewing creations, but for some reason I feel so busy!

In this hard economic time I have been blessed by actually recieving more work. I have been give 6 new offices to clean over the weekends, so that is really a help.

Valentine's day has come and gone. Garrett and I celebrated on Wednesday last week because he had to work until 5 on Saturday. We went downtown to watch the Special Olympics, ate lunch at West of Philly, came home and relaxed, then we had fondue at home while we watched a classic romance movie ("An Affair to Remember").
On Saturday we had dinner at my grandma's house, which was nice.

On Sunday Garrett and I decided to get our hair cut. I haven't had a cut since July! So, it was about time. We both felt refreshed and new after our hair cuts.

Here is a picture of my "new" hair. It is just 3 inches shorter, re-layered, and more bangs.

I am really pleased with it, though.

Well, that is about it for now. Not too much, but that is okay with me. :)


Alisha Beverly said...

Love the haircut! Super cute! I'm getting mine cut after the baby is born and I can't wait!

Dionna said...

I've always loved you in bangs. :)

So how many offices total do you clean now? I'm glad you're getting more work - what a blessing.

Oh yah - and no picture of Garrett's cut? HA HA

Angela said...

Thank you both for your compliments. :)
Dionna- I clean 11 offices now. But one of them is 3 times a week. So, it is getting pretty busy. I definitely won't be taking on any more. Matthew is going to clean a few with me on Saturdays during the day time to give him a little income and me a little help.
I know, no pic of Garrett! I will get one on here soon..he wasn't home when I took my picture and posted the post! haha. Poor Garrett. :)

Andrea said...

Love the new haircut!! Looks very cute.

Anonymous said...