Thursday, April 9, 2009

mY LiFe...

I haven't written in awhile... mainly because our internet hasn't been working, so I have been having to go to my mom's house to use her internet.
Some things have changed around here a bit. I am no longer cleaning offices at night. Kind of a relief, but left me jobless for a couple of days.
But, God definitely provided for us by giving me a new job in 2 days! And I only had to apply to 2 places! Amazing.
I start that new job 1 1/2 hours actually. It is a part time job at Tuesday Morning. It is a discount home goods store. I like retail jobs and have experience in this area, so it should be good.
I am afraid part of my paycheck might slip away each month to things I find in the store! haha. They have so much stuff and a bunch of different stuff each week.
I am so nervous right now as I wait for my first day to begin. I can't get my mind on anything else.
I am just praying that it will go well and will go by quickly. :)
If you want feel free to pray for me too. :) hehe.

Besides that things have been good. Garrett is getting more hours at work and we are able to start mowing the church lawn once a week, so God is really providing.

Our small group had a party this last Sunday and it was a really great time. We had people bring their friends, Christian or not, just to get to know eachother and have a good time. We had tacos, sundaes, played poker (not me :) ), and watched "The Office." Hopefully, we will see some of the new faces at our next small group meeting.

That is about it for now. Just preparing everything for U of I, paying off debts (yay!), and enjoying these little snipets of nice weather.

Oh, what a life. :)