Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our First...

Car together! We have been thinking about getting a new car for months now and finally got one about a week ago! It is our biggest purchase made together as a couple and it was very exciting, yet stressful.

It is a 2004 black Jeep Liberty Sport. I really really like it. Garrett has been so protective of it that he has washed it about 3 times since we have gotten it! haha. There is really no point in keeping it so clean in is bound to have some kind of precipitation.

It turns out that I couldn't go to Garrett's cousin's wedding in WA because I couldn't get off of work. :( boohoo.

So, Garrett and his fam headed off on Friday at 5 AM without me. It is always hard for me to be away from Garrett. The first few days I was fine, but today I am really missing him.
Last night I spent the night with Jessica since Trent is out of town too. Girl's Night! We ate good food, talked of course, and watched some chick flicks!
Tomorrow I am planning on working on my sewing until he gets home. I am not sure what time on Monday to expect him, but I will be waiting anxiously all day!


Andrea said...

What an adorable picture of you two! I used to cry when Jeff had to go out of town for work and leave me behind. After 10 years, I have gotten used to it though. That and the kids now keep me company :D

Love the new car! Have fun with that!

Alisha Beverly said...

Love the new car! Its so shiny and very cute! Great choice!

Anonymous said...