Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Week

I am so thankful for this new week.
For a variety of different reasons last week was rough! More than rough, it was emotionally draining and just plain awful.
I am ready for a new and fresh week! Mercy comes with the morning, right? I am, however, grateful for many things this month.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this March:
1. The Bachleor final episode tonight!
2. Garrett starting on the church worship team
3. Attending Kamica's National Honor Society ceremony
4. My 21st birthday on March 16th
5. Going up to Port Angeles, WA and Seattle for a weekend to see Garrett's family and celebrate a wedding with them
6. Our small group's 30 Days No Regrets party
7. Spending each Sunday night with friends

So, I am choosing to look forward to these things instead of focusing on the hard things of the past.
I am feeling better already. :)