Friday, March 6, 2009

This Week

I am sitting here enjoying a warm house. Looking outside makes me squirm a little bit. I am so ready for spring...along with the rest of Idaho! haha.
My birthday is in the middle of March and is always so unpredictible on the weather. Some years it it sunny and warm and other it is snowing and raining! It made planning a birthday party very difficult for me...thanks mom. :)
Things have slowed down this week compared to last and I am very grateful for that. Garrett and I have been able to hang out with friends quite a bit lately and it has been very fun. It will be hard to try and make new friendships like the ones we have now when we move to Moscow. :(
On an unfortunate side, our shower is broken AGAIN! This is the second time now within a few months. It is flooding whenever we run any water throughout the house. So, we can't use the shower, we can't do the dishes, and we can't run the water in the bathroom for very long.
The plumber came out yesterday but couldn't fix it, so I am waiting to hear from a different plumber today to see what he can do.
In the meantime, Garrett and I travel 3 minutes to my grandma's house to shower in the morning. I am now trying to figure out a way to bring my dishes to her house as well so that I can wash them there! haha. Hopefully, I won't have to do that and the drains will be unclogged today! :)
Well, that is about it for now. Garrett and I are going out tonight to watch a ceremony for Kamica being in the National Honor Society. So, that will be nice and a great honor for her. Good job, Mica!
Until next time, have a great week!