Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Was my birthday. My 21st birthday to be exact.

It was more of a laid back day that consisted of me shopping by myself for a few clothing items, going out to lunch with my mom, and then out to dinner with Garrett when he got off work. We went to McGrath's Fishhouse, which was delicious, but I was still full from my lunch with my mom. Too much food! haha.
Garrett got me a very special birthday gift....a new ring wrap to go around my engagment ring. My wedding band before was a plan white gold band and it was beautiful, but he decided to enhance it with a new band now that we are older. It was so sweet he got down on one knee to give it to me and it is so gorgeous! I love it.

Tonight I am heading over to my dad's house for some cake and icecream and then my birthday will be "officially" over. :(
That is until next year... :)