Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Basic Ramble

Things have been a little bit difficult lately. I am trying to get used to this new way of life: being sick constantly! My morning sickness has really taken me out. I honestly didn't expect this. Not to complain or anything. :)
Poor Garrett has had to make a lot of his own meals. I can't stand to be around most foods and the kitchen is a place I have been avoiding.
I feel overtaken by the pregnancy right now, even though I am not even showing yet! I just don't feel like myself. I haven't been getting out as much, I am more moody than ever, and I hardly have any energy. I am behind on cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping! Oh my...I can't wait for the second trimester...I heard it is the best one! :)
I am in my 9th week and my first appointment is in one week! I can't wait.
Garett and I will be coming to Boise twice this month for weddings. First, we have Jessica and Trent's wedding this week. I am honored to be the maid of honor and have been planning a fun bachlorette party the night before the wedding and have been pondering what I will say for my toast. Two weeks after that we have Phil and Emily's wedding.
It will be a fun time celebrating with friends. Such an exciting time for them. I think everyone has such fond memories of their wedding least I hope so! :)
Anyways, I just felt like writing a little bit of my feelings down. Sorry it was so ramble-like. :)


Dionna said...

Angela -
They say pregnancy is preparation for parenthood in some ways. So you can get used to being sleep deprived and behind on everything! :)
I'd fix Garrett some meals if you were closer..... :(

Angela said...

Ah, thanks, Dionna. I am sure Garrett would appreciate that! :)
I really wish I could cook more, but it isn't gonna happen until I am over this! haha.

Anonymous said...