Monday, October 8, 2007

Garrett's Interview Results

Sorry it took me so long to post again since the last one! In answer to the last post, yes, Garrett did get the job. However, he turned it down due to some wisdom from his father and a lot of thought and discussion between us. It just wouldn't have been stable enough for us. But, the good news is that we found out today that Garrett got a job at Quizno's! So, we are very happy about that and excited! It will be a good job for him, I think. They are really flexible to his school schedule and even asked him what days he would prefer to work and when he told the manager he said ok, and is going to try and make sure he gets those days each week. They seem very nice.
Garrett also feels good about it, because the manager told him that he has a lot of confidence in Garrett and thinks that he won't need much training. So, that made Garrett feel really good. I am gald that he can be encouraged by his I hope that lasts. I think that he might continure to look around for a better paying job, but for now he is glad to have this one! We are just so thankful that he finally got a job! The tough thing was getting an interview. Once he had an interview they both wanted to hire him. I told him that once they meet him they are so impressed that they want him right away! It is hard to tell the character of a person just by an application.
Anyways, just wanted to follow up on my last post. I am so thankful that God gave Garrett this job!
My job is going really well. I like the people I work with a lot. My boss is great. She is 40 and is so much fun to talk to. Anyways, I am very blessed for this job as well.
I think that is about it for now. Just studying hard, working, sleeping, and getting ready for my mid semester break coming up!
...sorry I will not be back home to Boise. Garrett and I both have work and homework. :)
But I miss you all and love you! Good night. :)