Monday, June 4, 2007

This is Life

I haven't written for some time now! I was on a role for awhile! Well, a couple of things have happened since I have written last. First of all, Garrett and I house/dog sat for the Ivey's for 9 days! It was a hard 9 days....let's just say Garrett and me won't be getting a dog for awhile...if ever! haha.
We recieved our financial aid reward letter. We both recieved more than we needed for tuition, so that was a HUGE blessing! God just continues to bless us again and again!
On Saturday there was a church garage sale and Garrett and me had a "booth." Garrett's parents gave some things to us to sale and my mom gave us a couple things. It was so nice of them! We made way more than I expected we would! Like I said...God is blessing us!
I have been feeling very stressed lately. There are so many changes coming up and so many things that I have to prepare for! If you know me you know that I get stressed pretty easily. I am just trying to keep perspective and give everything fully to God.
I really need to learn to let go! I want to break free from everything that holds me back and pulls me down.
Anyways, I think that we are going to have a girl's night tonight. All the guys are having a Halo night, so us girls are getting together. I am not sure what we are doing yet, but it will be fun! Well, I better go pick up the apartment before tonight.