Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Road Ahead

So much has happened since I have written last. Garrett and I are getting ready to go to Portland for school. We left the 13th of July to register for our classes and find an apartment. It was a very stressful weekend for me to say the least. It was also a time for reality to set in that I am actually leaving Boise! I am scared to death to leave to a place where I have no friends, none of my family, no church, no job (as of yet), and an apartment that is $200 more expensive than the one I have here.... It is a scary thing! Ever since then I have been in a state where I am basically dreading leaving. Until high school camp this last week. I went to be a counselor and ended up leaving feeling changed and refreshed. I think I needed this week way more than I knew!
The theme of the week was becoming a revolutionary for God. The speaker was awesome and brought the Word of God alive to me and God used him to speak to me. To be a revolutionary for God it is going to require risk and it is going to be scary, but it is worth it to take that chance for God. I am ready to step out from underneath the comfort of my tree and take a huge risk for God. All I have to say is Portland better prepare for a change, because God just might show up.