Monday, January 21, 2008

The Rain, The New Semester, and The Three Day Weekend

It has been so cold and rainy here ever since we got back from Boise! I really do not like the dreariness that the rain brings. This next week is supposed to be the coldest week of the winter! I am preparing myself for that...
Besides the terrible weather, it has been a really good week. Garrett and I went through our first week of school for the new semester and really like our classes. The classes I am most excited for are psychology and socialization factors in relationships! They seem very interesting and I have great professors for both of them!
The new semester brings a lot harder classes and a lot busier schedule then last semester. I was a little concerned and worried about this at first, but I think that it will just make the semester go by faster! :)
We had a three day weekend this week (today is the last day of it) and it was very much needed! We had such a fun weekend and we still have tonight to fit in some last minute "fun-having" haha!
Here is somewhat of what my weekend looked like:
*Caught up on house work and dishes
*Finished homework due on Tuesday and Wednesday
*Had a night alone and watched a girly movie by myslef and worked out.
*Went shopping at the mall and got a really cute shirt for $3.90!
*Went out to lunch with my hubby
*Had an awesome church service on Sunday! Praise the Lord!
*Went to Salem to spend some time with Garrett's fam. We went out to lunch and out to see The Bucket List in theatres while we did laundry at their house!
*And today we are just hanging out, playing a new video game we got (thanks mom!), and relaxing!
Oh, I am just not quite ready for another week of school and work...and rain!! But, I can't complain. Just look at what a great weekend I had! haha.


Dionna said...

Nothing like a good girly movie and a sweet sale to boot! :)

Alisha Beverly said...

It's been freezing here too! 24 degrees right now but in the mornings it dips down to 11! My mom sent me their temparature this morning in Idaho Falls. -17 degrees but feels like -35 degrees with the wind chill. Now THAT'S cold! No thank you! No wonder I don't live there anymore!! Have a great rest of your week!

Shannon said...

Hi honey. Wish I could have gone to that great sale with you! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the game! We'll bring the eye-toy thing when we come down. You guys will love it! Miss and love you! Mom

Anonymous said...