Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Counting...

Yesterday was my due date. I knew that chances were very good that I would go right past that date, but once you do it is kind of disappointing. The only thing that I can think about everyday is if he will come or not! haha. Talk about a one track mind.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I am scheduled to be induced May 5th @ 5 Am if I have not gone into labor before then. Dr.Rice thinks that I will most likely have him before then, though. I sure hope so!
I officially started my maternity leave today. I just couldn't work anymore....the last few days have taken a lot out of me and I need some rest physically and mentally before Caden comes.
I am so looking forward to 6 weeks off with just my baby...I know that most of the time i will be exhausted and trying to get used to this new life, but I still am really looking forward to it. :)
Well, that is about it for time I write, hopefully, I will be a new mommy!

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Jeff and Lauren said...

Hope he comes soon! We're all so anxious to meet the little guy!! : )