Monday, April 2, 2012

Sand Dunes= FUN!

We had a wonderful Spring Break together. I am sad that today is the first day back to our "daily grind." Now I am left to counting down the days until Garrett's time off during the summer. :)
On Tuesday we took Caden on a day trip to the sand dunes and swimming at a hot springs. He had a great time! The sand dunes were windy to say the least, but he didn't seem to mind. He loved running around kicking his soccer ball and digging in the sand. His favorite part, though, was when daddy carried him up a little sand hill and ran down with him. He wanted to do that over and over. The hot springs was just that- hot! Garrett and I kept wanting to get out of the water to cool down, but Caden would have none of it! He loved floating around in the water and, of course, throwing the ball in the water. When we were done his cheeks were so red! Anyways, it was a great day for all three of us.
The rest of the time we didn't have too great of weather, so we just relaxed at home and played in the back yard when we could. Wednesday night Garrett and I had a quick dinner date at the Olive Garden and then on Saturday we all went to the park. It was an altogether much needed break! I'm so thankful to have had it!
Here are a few pictures from the Sand Dunes and then one of Avery and me that I took only about an hour ago. :)

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