Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodbye Summer!

As summer is winding down I think about all the fun we have had the last couple of months. A lot of playing at parks, going on walks, going to the zoo, birthday parties, visiting family, staying up late, and swimming! Now as fall approaches we are bracing ourselves for a lot of change- good change, but big change as we welcome a new baby! Only 8 more weeks until my due date! 
We look forward to welcoming this little baby, cooler weather, long walks with the changing leaves, football games, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am ready for the new season.
Summer was great, but good things are ahead too. 
We were so busy the last few months I really didn't take the time to photograph anything- so here are only 2 pictures from this summer:

 Daddy and Caden enjoying a popsicle on a hot day after dinner.

Cuddling with my babies and watching a movie before bed.

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