Friday, May 11, 2007

Care Free

I wish that I was a little girl again. I was so carefree! I was free to do what I wanted and to just be me! I really miss that. I loved being a little girl. I would always play dress up and I was pretending all the time. I could be anything! I have just been thinking about that lately, because I feel so far from that free girl that I once was. I have so many responsibilites now and so many things that are weighing me down. Working, money issues, planning for the future, cleaning, and figuring out relationships. It all gets so hard sometimes. I have just been overloaded by stress this past week. Work is really wearing me out. I am working such long days and I got called in to work on my day off on Tuesday. I have to work tomorrow from 9:30 until 7:30...on my feet with only a half an hour break to scarf down my food. Garrett and me have also had something planned every night this week. We even skipped our home team on Thursday because I was just so exhausted. I ended up staying an extra 45 min at work that day waiting for the next girl to come in to take my spot. I was just frustrated and so tired! In addition to this I am stressed with our money issues right now. I know that this happens to every newly wed, and I know God will provide for us, but I still get stressed about it. I just need to keep reminding myself that God is in control and He is my strength...I can get through anything with Him! I know that God will bring me closer to Him in the end.

Anyways, on a positive note...I did something on Monday that I always used to do as a little girl, and that is go shopping with my mom! It was a really nice break. We went out to lunch to Hugo's Deli and then we went shopping. We stopped by Kohls to see what all the fuss was about, but to be honest I was not impressed. Either was my we left. We went to Vanity Fair which is located in the factory outlet mall. I am so glad we went there! I ended up getting three shirts and my mom got one shirt and a pair of pants and our grand total was $25!! I was amazed! Two of my shirts were on sale for $3 and her pants were $5! It was the best. So, that was a good time this week. I am also looking forward to mother's day...It will be nice to spend some time with family and to have a break from work. I just wish that I was a mom...I know, I know not yet!

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all of you mom's! Have a much deserved wonderful day!


Dionna said...

Hard work has its rewards - hang in there. You knew times would be tough...they've just finally arrived. I know it's no fun going through them but believe me, they WILL add internal richness to your life later on.
We might be going to Hells Canyon for the day tomorrow to see Sandi, John, Brandi, Reagan, Auntie, Tyler and Karsten. Wanna escape for the day with us? :)

Kels said...

Hey Ang,
I miss being a little girl too! Even though I don't have as much to worry about as you but still I miss the "old days" ! But you will be ok... At least you can have Garrett, you couldn't if you were still little!

Anonymous said...