Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Comes with College

School is in full swing now and, my oh my, do I have a lot of homework! Of course I expected to have homework, but definitely not this much reading! There is basically no chance that I am going to fit in reading a book for pleasure. I am taking 8 classes: Pentateuch, World Christianity, English, Math, Intro to Fine Arts, Spiritual Life, Student Ministry, and Intro to Church Ministry. That is a full plate if I do say so myself. But, don't get me wrong I am really enjoying college and am grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a Bible college and further my education.

It is so awesome that in most of my classes we either pray or sing worship songs before we start class. I have never expirienced this before in a class room setting, since I have gone to public school my entire life. It is really uplifiting when you hear your prof. pray for you before you take a quiz...

My favorite classes are Pentateuch (the study of the first 5 books of the Bible) and English. This is mainly due to the profs that teach those classes. They are really awesome. Dr. Gary Friesen teaches Pentateuch and has actually written the book:

. He is very smart and open to what students have to say. He always opens up time at the end of class for us to give our opinions and if we agree or disagree with him. My prof for English is Professor Schaak and he makes writing come alive. He is so good at taking a piece of writing and looking at all the different feelings and emotions that are behind it. He also always lets us have discussions and oppose his views. He says that Bible college students these days are too passive and sometimes he has started the semester by saying a straight out lie and none of his students ever challenge him. Once he told our class that we decided we were not going to be so passive and that makes for a really interesting class time.
Anyways, school is going great...I just have a lot of homework! :)


Dionna said...

I am glad you have Godly instructors who can help guide you not just in schooling - but in life right now.

Memo to self: Change screen name said...

Sounds like you are very busy.

I've never even heard of Pentateuch. But I do remember being busy and barely having time for Pentaleunch (the first five bites of my lunch).

Hey, shouldn't you be doing some homework or something? See Ya

Andrea said...

Hey Angela, just wanted to let you know I was praying for you and Garrett today. Glad you are enjoying school. Oh and...I can't believe you let Garrett cut your hair!! You are one brave girl :) He did a great job though I must say. Very cute :)

Anonymous said...