Monday, October 27, 2008

Musicals, Parks, & Bowling

What a fun weekend I had! It started off on Friday...if you have any young girls in your house you know what Friday was...the High School Musical 3 premiere!! I went with my awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-laws. It was so much fun in the theatre. It was packed with young girls and everytime Zac Efron (Troy) came on screen screams and oos and aahs flooded the room! haha. It was great. The whole enviornment was just icing on the cake of a really great movie.

Then we went back to the Sanchez casa where the guys were watching the BSU game on tv. Us girls went upstairs and had a dance party to the HSM 3 songs. We were dancing our hearts out and having a great time until all of the sudden Kayla screams at the top of her lungs and she tells us that she saw "daddy" (Eliseo) video taping us as we were embarrassing! haha.
So that was Friday night. On Saturday I went with my mom to a Christmas Bazaar at a local church and I bought a really stylish winter scarf. It was handmade by a woman that lives about 5 minutes from us. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but I gave in to this wonderful scarf...I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Then my little brother (Trent), my mom, their dog (Tucker), and I went on a walk at Ann Morrison park. It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was great. It was hilarious, because Trent was holding the leash to Tucker and we were walking along when we saw a gang of geese a few feet away. All of the sudden, Tucker burst into a run towards the geese and Trent's feet flew out from beneath him and then he hits the ground and Tucker drags him across the grass. So, that is funny enough, but then when he stood up we saw what had happened...there was some goose poop on the ground and Tucker took him right through it! It was SO gross! haha. Poor kid.
Here are some pictures from that day.

Then, yesterday we had our first Home Team meeting. It is starting out with 6 of us and will be growing more in the next few weeks to 7. We met at the BSU sub to get to know eachother and just have fun bowling. It was a great time. I can't wait for our next meeting next week when we will start our study. Home Teams are a great thing to have...fellowship is so important. So, I am excited to growing closer to God and meeting new people and making new friends.
So, this was a pretty good weekend and I am grateful for it. :)


Alisha Beverly said...

Yeah! I am so happy you guys started a Home Team. It's very important to have. Especially as a young couple. I hope it grows and all goes well!

Dionna said...

What? No pictures of Trent's little mishap?? You need action pictures Ang - action pictures! :)

Angela said...

Thanks, Alisha. Hopefully this home team will be as awesome as yours...but I doubt it! haha. We do miss meeting with you guys...:)

Angela said...

We were on our way back to the car and my camera was all put away, so I missed the great event! :(
It would be funny to have had that, though. haha.

Anonymous said...