Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy People We Are!

Well, it is a funny thing how God works and where God leads...that being said, Garrett and I are moving back to Boise! haha.
I know what you are often are you people going to move?! Well, we are hoping this is it.
There is a two part reason for our move back to Boise.
#1- Garrett has approached me multiple times since we have been here in Moscow that he feels God is really leading him to go back to doing full-time ministry. When he first told me I was just upset, because we had just moved here and I had planned on staying here until he graduated. I told him that I will pray about it and pray that God will change my heart if it is what we are supposed to do...Guess what? God changed my heart and aligned it with Garrett's and His! I knew that we were meant to be in full-time ministry and I think that it took us coming up here to allow God to really get our attention and get our hearts where they should be.

#2- Obviously I want to be near family and friends for the arrival of my first baby! It is very difficult up here since I do not really know anyone. I want my family to have a really close relationship with my baby and I definitely will need the help and support!

So, Garrett is going to attend Boise Bible College and we are moving back to Boise! I know that this is where we will settle down and be for a long while. I can't wait to be back home and be with all of you.

I know we seem crazy sometimes, but we just have to follow where we think God is leading. :)