Friday, March 25, 2011

The Madness of March

Well, should I state the obvious that I haven't posted in awhile? haha. Things just keep getting busier and busier as Caden grows. He is crawling like a madman these days! haha. He gets in to EVERYTHING and goes EVERYWHERE he shouldn't. He is also pulling himself up to a standing position and using anything that is taller than him on his knees, even if it is just a toy. There have been a couple of spills, but not too many yet.
I am in awe of how he catches on to things and how smart he is. It gives me such joy to see him learning and growing- truly a blessing of being a mom.
It baffles me that Caden will be 1 year old in just 41 days! As I have been reflecting on this past year I have been humbled and so grateful that God not only allowed me to be Caden's mom but gave me the opportunity to be at home with him full-time. There is nothing in the world that I rather do!
Besides just watching Caden grow and chasing him around everywhere this past week was my 23rd birthday. I tried to spread it out into a "Birthday Week" and started out with dinner, presents, cake with my dad and family at his house. Then Garrett, Caden, and I went out on the only decent day that week to the zoo. It was so much fun, Caden actually watched the animals with interest. Then came Wednesday, my actual birthday. We had our usual schedule during the day and once Garrett got off work we went to dinner at Red Lobster while my mom watched Caden. Then we headed to my grandma's house for red velvet cake and chocolate request. :) Then...I am still going, haha...Friday my mom and I went out to lunch and did a bit of shopping.
Well, that's about it for now. I want to, of course, share some pictures of my cutie pie!
Have a good week, everyone!

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