Friday, September 30, 2011

September in a Nutshell

September went by quickly in the sense that I can't believe tomorrow will be October 1st with Halloween and the rest of the Holidays soon to follow, but September also dragged on for me. Our family faced a ton of sickness this month. Added all together it was 3 weeks of the stomach flu, colds, and a double ear infection between the 3 of us.
Thankfully, we are healing- I am over everything, Garrett is almost completely over his cold, and Caden is on antibiotics for his ear infection.
So, needless to say our household has been a little "off" this month.
But besides that, we also had a huge blessing this month...we found out that we are having a baby GIRL! We are so thrilled and are even more thrilled that she looked very healthy on the ultrasound. I still can't believe that we are having another baby. I feel so thankful and so overwhelmed by it. How will I handle 2 kids? Just by God's good grace I suppose. :)
We have, also, enjoyed watching BSU football games with my family and playing outside when we have the chance.
Caden is obsessed with going is basically all he wants to do, which is hard when you don't have a backyard! We are so ready to rent a house- only 1 1/2 more months until we move!
This month I have started stacking up on Christmas gifts, which I love to do! I am, actually, all done with Caden's presents! Can't wait for that time of year. ;)
That is about it for now. Just trying to get healthy and stay that way! Here is a few photos from the past month...mostly us on Bronco game day. :)

BSU Football Family Photo

19 weeks pregnant (tomorrow I will be 23 weeks!)
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