Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Is October

I can't believe Halloween is next weekend! I am very excited for Caden's 2nd Halloween. Last year he was the cutest billy goat I have ever seen, and this year he is going to be a duck. I haven't tried his costume on him yet- even though I have had it for months- so I hope that it fits and that he will wear it without a fight! :)
Tomorrow is October 23rd- that marks 7 years since Garrett and I have been together. It was our Sadie Hawkins dance at school and I asked Garrett to come with me- AS FRIENDS :). And that night he gave me a poem, some Sweet Tarts (which he changed the name to Sweet Hearts:) ), and a stuffed animal and asked me if I would 'be his girlfriend.' Thinking back on it makes me laugh, but it was so sweet and I of course said yes. Ever since then we have been inseparable. And now we have been married 5 years, have a beautiful 18 month old boy, and have a sweet baby girl on the way. Life is unexpected and wonderful.
We took Caden to the pumpkin patch at the beginning of the month and had a pretty good time. He was all over the place and just wanted to explore his little heart out. Which was difficult seeing how busy it was and how hard it was to walk in the pumpkin patch without falling down. But we picked out some very cute pumpkins and Caden loves them. I thought it would be fun for him to finger paint his pumpkin, but boy was I wrong. He did not like the feel of the paints on his hands and started crying for me to wash his hands after only a few minutes. Before I took him down I helped him paint his pumpkin quickly so it would at least be decorated by him. Haha.
We have been playing outside a lot and Caden is on a swing almost every day. He just loves to move and play- sure wears me out!
Anyways, everything with baby Avery is looking good and I can't wait to meet her! I am 26 weeks along- only 14 to go! I am done being pregnant, though. I don't feel quite as good as I did when I was pregnant with Caden, but overall I am fine. I just don't want to get even bigger and even more uncomfortable, which I know is going to happen! Haha.
That's about it for now! Next time I will be posting Halloween pictures of my adorable duckling! :)

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Salemrobin said...

Happy October to your family. Your awesome.