Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Darling Girl

This little beauty is going to be 8 months old in just 5 days! I can not believe she is growing up this quickly! The last couple months have been so great and I know that the best of times are yet to come! She has developed quite a little personality- she is definitely a little firecracker! One of favorite things to do lately is to squeal (aka- scream) at the top of her lungs! I have never heard a baby be so loud or high pitched! Then after she gets a few good ones in and enough attention she just laughs and laughs. I have no idea how to stop this behavior, since she can't understand me yet and we obviously can't give an 8 month old a time out! Haha. So I will just laugh along with her and wait for it to pass. :) 
She loves vegetables...like all vegetables! She also loves oatmeal and rice cereal, but the only fruit she likes are pears. She doesn't even like apples! I call her my little green bean. :) 
Caden and her have gotten so close the last few months. They are two little peas in a pod and it couldn't bring more joy to my heart than to see them playing together. :) 
I am SO blessed and am taking in every second I get with my two babies as a stay at home momma. Thank the Lord! :)

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