Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Time

Well, I can't say that things have been unusually busy around here...I just haven't been too good about keeping up this blog during these summer months! We have just been enjoying the hot weather by playing outside, going to the park, and eating a lot of ice cream! Haha.
Garrett and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in August. We went to the fair and then ended the night by watching the sun set up at Table Rock. It was great to just have some time together away from all our responsibilities. :)
Avery is 7 months old now and is growing like crazy! She is sitting up by herself, rolls everywhere, and is just about to take off crawling. Plus, she is starting to drink out of a sippy cup and eat graham crackers. Can't believe in just 5 months she will be a year old!
Caden is as ornery as ever and the two of them together just crack me up. Caden can now count to 20 (he skips 14 and 15, though ) and his current "love" is hot air balloons. Which he calls "Bo-Highs". We were able to see some at the Spirit of Boise hot air balloon festival the other night. He loved them!
We all are just recovering from colds, so the last couple of weeks have been a bit rough around here. Caden's cold is hanging on, but hoping that we are all healthy soon!
Anyways, here are some recent photos :)

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