Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy (late) Valentine's Day! I had a wonderful day yesterday going out to eat to Red Robin with my hubby and exchanging gifts. I got him the "Dan in Real Life" soundtrack, which he has really been wanting, some V-day boxers, and his all time favorite candy "Zours." He got me the cutest poka dot umbrella and some scrapbooking stickers (450 to be exact.)He also bought 10 packs of my favorite cookie/candy. It is a reeces cookie. And he put them out on tin foil and told me he baked them for me! haha. :) The day didn't go exactly as planned,however, but we still had a good time. We were going to see "The Great Debators" at a theatre called The Academy. We have been there before and tickets are only $3. Well, we get to the window at 6:30 PM and the guy asks for our ID's. I didn't bring mine and he said that we couldn't get in...I was confused because the movie is only PG-13. He said that there is alcohol on the premesis and so we couldn't go in without ID...I had just watch two 6 year olds go in with their mom to see "Enchanted"... does that make sense to you?? Me either. Oh well. We just went to the mall and shopped around and then went home to study for a big exam. It was, however, a very happy Valentines Day! :)


Alisha Beverly said...

That is the cutest umbrella ever! He did real good picking that out!

Shannon said...

Hi honey. Your pictures are so cute. Like I said on the phone - you really need to teach Garrett how to wear boxers. . . . not on the head. haha I can't believe they wouldn't let you in the movie. Sounds like you still had a great Valentine's Day anyway. Miss and love you guys. Can't wait to see you! Love - Mom

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