Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just a few tiny things this week that made me smile and gave me a little joy in my heart:

~ Finding a great deal at IKEA on a little plant and pot for only $1.99 for both! I am doing a great job taking care of it too. :)

~Redecorating my night stand in my bedroom and it turning out wonderous. (*Note: I have now replaced the pictures in the frame of the strangers with Garrett's and my wedding*)

~Playing and cuddling with this little guy:


Dionna said...

I've never been to IKEA but I know a lot of people love that store. A plant can sure cheer up a room! And I love the word "wondrous" by the way. :)
Whose puppy?

Shannon said...

Hi honey. Your plant is very cute. I'm glad you have something to take care of now. We'll have to go to the IKEA store when we come to Portland. That puppy is sooooo cute! Now that can sure cheer you up! I think the middle picture in your frame looks like me. haha It's always nice to have pictures of strangers! haha Love you. Mom

Alisha Beverly said...

Did you guys get a puppy?! He's adorable!!!!

Angela said...

Alisha- No, we didn't get a puppy...I wish! :)

Alisha & Dionna - He is Garrett's Aunt Lori's puppy that she just got.

Anonymous said...