Friday, September 5, 2008


Garrett and I went to Kiowa, CO with my dad and fam to visit half of my family that lives there. It is usually at least a year between the times that we get to see them. We stayed with my grandparents and had such a great time. Garrett hadn't even met my uncles, aunts, and cousins over there before. So, I am glad that he was at least able to meet them. Kiowa is an hour east of Denver. We drove into Denver a couple times to go to a Colorado Rockies game, the Denver Aquarium, and to Elitch Gardens(an amusement park). We had such a wonderful time getting away and spending time with family. We were able to be there for a full week, and that was the perfect amount of time. Here are some pictures from the trip...we didn't actually take that many because we were doing so much we didn't carry our camera around everywhere, but this is what we got: