Monday, September 29, 2008

the BEST season

I love, love, love fall! It is absolutely my favorite season. There is a crisp feeling in the air, the

weather is warm and cool at the same time, the beautiful colors, and all the holidays that are coming make fall special. I love getting to wear my cozy sweaters that have been in the closet for the past 6 months. Oh, and getting to go to the corn maze and pumpkin patch, and drinking hot chocolate on a colder it.
I am really getting in the fall mood and am decorating my house accordingly. I don't have a lot of fall decor since I have only lived on my own for just over 2 years, so I am working on slowly getting more and my loving grandma gets me some decorations each year.
I can't wait until it is all put together and I can really feel "in the season" all the time. :) I just got back from Ross and found some great things to put in my entertainment excited!
See how happy I am...fall just makes me that way. :) Happy Autumn everyone!