Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Move!

I can not wait until Friday!! I know I still have like 5 days, but I am just so excited to move into our new place! The actual act and process of moving is less than enjoyable, but when you are moving into a place that is much better than where you currently are it is definitely worth it.
Some things that I am looking forward to about living in our new place:
1. Having a garage. Since Garrett and I have been married we have never had a garage. We are always parking our cars on the street or in a parking lot. I am looking forward to the benefit of parking my car in an enclosed structure that will keep my kids safe while trying to load them and keep us warm in the freezing cold.
2. Not having any shared walls or anyone living above us. This is my biggest complaint about apartment living, especially when you have young children. When you share so many walls and live so close together with other people you get to hear a lot of unwanted noises at unwanted times. I don't know how many times Garrett has had to go upstairs or next door and ask them to please be quiet at 2 am because they are keeping us up! I look forward to the peace and quiet that no shared walls will bring.
3. Having a backyard. I have a little boy who LOVES being outside. He would stay out there all day if he could! I am so excited to have a fenced backyard for him to run around and play in. Right now if we want to go outside we have to drive to the park or he plays on the sidewalk by the parking lot...not a good playground. (Bytheway, in our new place we are in walking distance to one of our favorite parks as well).
4. Having a laundry ROOM. Right now my washer and dryer are in a closet in our 1 bathroom. I am looking forward to having a room dedicated to doing laundry and that gives me the space and storage I need.
5. Living in a subdivision. I am happy that we are moving into a quiet neighborhood where I can take my children for peaceful walks. Right now we live off a busy street that doesn't even have a sidewalk. Definitely not the best place to go for bike rides or walks, especially with young kids.
6. Having a master bathroom. Garrett and I have never had more than one bathroom since we have been married. I am excited to have one connected to my bedroom! It means I can blowdry my hair at night without worrying that I will wake up Caden and it means no trips or stumbles down the dark hall in the middle of the night as I make my way to the restroom. :)
7. Having more room for my growing family. There is definitely more space in the new place. Both kids will have their own room and have more room in the living room to run around and spread out their toys. :)

To sum it up, I am so grateful that God has provided such a wonderful place for us to live and I am willing to do all the dirty work of moving in order to get there. :)

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